I am looking for dhyana mantras (or any mantra for that matter) of Lord Yoga Narasimha which may describe his posture or his calm nature etc..

Yoga Narasimha is the form of Narasimha in which he can seen in a meditative state. This form showcases that Narasimha is not always angry.

I am not looking for mantras of Ugra Narasimha, I am trying to read about Shanta/Soumya Narasimha.

Any shlokas with translation/source are much appreciated. Look how beautiful and Graceful the lord is !!!

Can't believe there isn't a special shlokam for him.

enter image description here I have tried to find such mantras/shlokas/stotras for past several years, since I last went to Sholingur several years back.


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