I would like to know if there are any sects like Vaishnavas,Shaivas or Shaktas who consider Lord Hanuman as the Supreme God(Brahman). Not including smartha sect which considers all Gods as Supreme.

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    Lord Hanuman is always shown as serving another deity, sitting at the feet of the deity then how is it possible to consider him as supreme? Even before you start worshiping Lord Hanuman you need to first pray to Lord Rama. – Rickross Aug 18 '20 at 9:23
  • But according to astrology he is an Ishta Devata. So, there will be many people whose Ishta Dev will be Lord Hanuman. – Rickross Aug 18 '20 at 9:30
  • Rickross said what I was thinking. He is venerated for his devotion to Rama, not his devotion to himself. I'm not even sure how to give this a proper answer as the answer comes from logic, which is not a valid source on this SE. – Rubellite Yakṣī Aug 18 '20 at 10:14
  • @Rickross well I think Lord Hanuman is mostly seen serving Lord Rama. But there are various shrines where only Lord Hanuman is worshipped alone. In my city there is a very popular temple where Lord Hanuman is worshipped in Panchmukhi(five faced) roopa. Infact almost every where in North India and Mauritius have a small Lord Hanuman right intront of houses etc. That's very common even in villages – RishX Aug 18 '20 at 10:27
  • @Rickross i know as one astrologer told me that Lord Hanuman is my ishta deva. – RishX Aug 18 '20 at 10:27

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