Which vedic mantras should one chant for a better love life? I specifically was looking for a mantra which can help one to meet a new quality partner as well as a citation to the original passage in the rig veda where it is mentioned

There are a lot of kamadev mantras I am finding on the internet but they all lack proper citation to vedas and there are different variations


dhyānu prathama juga makhabidhi dūjēṃ. dvāpara paritōṣata prabhu pūjēṃ.. kali kēvala mala mūla malīnā. pāpa payōnidhi jana mana mīnā..

In the first age, contemplation; in the second age, sacrifice; in the Dvāpara age the Lord is propitiated through worship. This age of Kali, however, is simply corrupt and the root of all impurities, where the mind of man wallows like a fish in the ocean of sin.

nāma kāmataru kāla karālā. sumirata samana sakala jaga jālā.. rāma nāma kali abhimata dātā

In this terrible age the Name alone is the wish-yielding tree, the very thought of which puts an end to all the illusions of the world. The Name ‘ Rāma ’ is the bestower of one's desired object in this age of Kali.

  • Ramcharitmanas, Baal Kanda, Naam Vandana.

In the two reviews of the Atharva Veda, there are three incantations for the Lord Kama. If you just need a short mantra, but according to the Vedic model, without tantric influences (without additional bijas, with the exact Vedic name of this God), then this will be: OM kA mA ya na maH

  • Welcome to Hinduism StackExchange! Could you please add source of that mantra? like verse number. – TheLittleNaruto Sep 4 '20 at 8:04
  • This mantra is present in the text of Mantra Mahodadhi, but along with tantric mantras, therefore a bija klIM is added to it. – Lee Sep 4 '20 at 16:18
  • Would you please add the verse number ? – TheLittleNaruto Sep 4 '20 at 16:47

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