Please help to find out:

  1. How exactly do Brahmins Nambudiri define their Nakshatras? They define the Nakshatra along the Moon's course in equal sectors along the ecliptic, i.e. in conventional signs of Nakshatras? Or they track the Moon in real constellations, i.e. in the Nakshatra asterisms?

  2. If they use the signs of the Nakshatras, as in the rest of India, then what Ayanamsha do they use?

  3. How many Nakshatras do they use, 27 or 28? The four Vedas and the Brahmanas contain both lists.

  4. Do they follow the rule from the second book of Shatapatha Brahmana that Nakshatras are powerless in the daytime and are replaced by the Sun, as a kind of universal "Nakshatra"?

  • In the Malayalam calendar, we have only 27 nakshatras (the excluded one isabhijit). The nakshatras are thought to be the wives of Soma among whom his favourite is rohini. The fourth rule, no, nakshatras are believed to govern every aspect of daily life and at all times. – Aravind Suresh Oct 8 '20 at 6:31

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