Our life is not constant some times go up and sometimes down

In our day to day life sometimes lust thought/anger thought attack you but not badly , but at some special day lustful thought/anger thought attack u very badly at that moment our mind doesn't work properly , so we lose ourself when we have done bad deed/work through lust/anger

my question is that How to control /manage the mind when lustful thought/anger thought attack you badly and badly ?


This is not really very related to hinduism. It has more to do with psychology. However, a sattvik lifestyle can help eliminate such thoughts. For eg., vegetarian food, becoming an early waker, etc. From a science point of view one must always have good sleep and exercise. You can in addition practice yoga, meditation and pranayama.


there is only one way. divert your attention to thinking about supreme consciousness. you have to be absorbed in either bhakti or studying about the supreme consciousness. once you start spending your time this way automatically you withdraw from worldly pleasures without effort because you will be self satisfied in devotion. this happiness or rather fulfilment is so great that you don't even have thoughts of lust and everything that signifies lust seems dry. remember it all happens automatically the moment you start absorbing yourself in trying to understand your true nature. this has been clarified in bhagavad gita. it has worked for me miraculously. i was addicted to porn and masterbation and I was under depression for 3 years. the moment i started doing what i told it all blew out like extinguished fire.

there is no other way than this.

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