I am looking for Puranic storybooks in english. Can be one specific purana or stories from many puranas.

  • Are you looking for English translations of Puranas such as the ones mentioned in this post or simply a collection of concise stories from various Puranas? – sv. Sep 9 at 18:24
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    As you rightly pointed ,I am looking for collection of concise stories not translations – bhatnagar prakhar Sep 11 at 3:34

Here are some of the puranas and other books in condensed/story format:

Also there are quite a number of translations available for various puranas in English, some are:

Will update more. And there are also other puranic story books to purchase from Gitapress Gorakhpur with or without sanskrit texts.

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  • He's looking for a collection of concise stories from various Puranas. Not verse-by-verse or word-for-word English translations. – sv. Sep 9 at 18:22
  • @sv. Thanks for clarifying. Have updated my answer. I did gave the link to gitapress which has not only translations but also condensed version of puranas with the stories. Sorry if it was not clear and for not being specific. – Prakash K Sep 15 at 9:15

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