This Times of India article claims that certain mantras from Tāṇḍya Mahābrāhmaṇa (a.k.a Pañcaviṃśa Brāhmaṇa) can only be recited by women:

In fact, there is nothing mentioned in the Vedas that points towards the prohibition of women from learning Vedas.

People have misconceptions that reciting Vedas mantras would affect the childbearing capacity of a woman. Neither do the Vedas nor Hinduism discriminate against women. In Hindu scripture Tandya Brahmana there are some mantras which can only be recited by women.

This answer cites an article from The Hindu that makes the same claim:

"It is a misconception that reciting mantras from Vedas would affect child-bearing. In fact, there are some mantras like those found in Tandya Brahmana which should be recited by only women," he pointed out.

Which mantras from Tāṇḍya Mahābrāhmaṇa are these two articles referring to?


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