What's Arunam mantra or Arunaprashna. Please explain the importance, origin of Arunam. Is it okay, or allowed to chant ArunaPrashna in front of Lord Vishnu or other Goddessess?


The Aruna Prashna is part of the Taittiriya Aranyaka of the Krishna Yajurveda.

From the preface of the book "Essence of Taittiriya Aranyaka":

Taittiriya Aranyaka‟ (Part 1) covers 10 chapters of which 6 are Aranyaka proper. The first chapter of Aruna Prashna deals with the daily duties of „shrotriya brahmanas‟; Parashara Smriti aptly details the „Shat Karmas‟: Sandhyaa snaanam japo homo Devataanamcha pujanam, Vishwa Devaatithi yaamcha shatkarmaani diney diney/ or Sandhya Vandana after „baahyaantara shuchi‟ or external and internal cleanliness-Japa-Homa- Devatarchana and Puja- and vishwa deva-athithi seva. The second chapter discusses Pancha Maha Yagjnas to be observed daily viz. Deva Yagjna-Pirtu Yagjna-Bhuta YagjnaManushya Yagjna and Brahma Yagjna. Chapter 3 deals with the intricacies of homa karyas and Yagjnas. The Chapters 4 and 5 are worthy of avoidance as those are of rather risky contents of applied shrouta rituals. Chapter 6 relate to pitrumedha mantras and pitrumedha rituals of post- life relevance. The Chapters of 7-8-9 are „vallis‟ viz. Shiksha- Bhrigu and Ananda vallis, anchored to Taittiriya Upanishad. The 10th chapter is Maha Narayaonopanishad. An important highlight of this Script is the „Manasika Yagjna‟ which has ready applicability to the present generation; one may not be able to execute Agni Karyas or even time for Introspection with- standing the harsh winds of materialism and family responsibilities.

Aruna Prashna is comprised of Mantras dedicated to Lord Surya as said below:


[This Aruna Prashna I has the following 32 Anuvakas essentially devoted to Surya Deva named Aditya the son of Aditi, the origin of Mystery and Perpetuity; very first Stanza of „ Prathama Mandala, Sukta 115 of Rig Veda states Chitram devaanaamudagaadaneekam chakshurmitrasya Varunasyaagneh, aapraadyaavaaprithivee antariksham Surya aatmaa jagatastadyushashchah/Jangama sthaavara jagat‟ or the world of mobile and immobile creation gets admirably activised by the emergence of Surya Deva on the Sky and his awesome appearance by the day break; Mitra-Varuna and the other Devas there along as also the attendant Devis on the firmament get warmed up and visualised not only by the Beings of Bhuloka but also of the dyuloka and antariksha too get filled up with splendour totally!

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