Does controlling depression come under the category of controlling senses? Is it true that for certain periods of time, depressed people are incapable of feeling happiness? Do depressed people have the right to feel depressed without contributing to society?

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    Sadness has a root cause. Why are a you sad? Once you figure it out, you must either eliminate the cause of sadness, or find ways to mitigate it or get accustomed to it. – Ikshvaku Sep 14 at 13:27
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    Well 'desire' is the root cause of depression, when you desire something but don't get it then you become depressed. Desire can be materialistic or anything non-physical, if what you get is against your wishes then you feel let down and depressed. Just remember one thing not everyone will act as per your liking and you will not get everything you desire or wish for, just live in the moment and be content with whatever we have is the mantra to keep depression away! – Just_Do_It Sep 14 at 14:07
  • @Ikshvaku Is it true that depression is just sadness? – Yaasd Palala Sep 14 at 15:09
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    What else would it be? Depression is when one is sad for a long time. But it is due to a cause. Ask yourself, why are you said? And then you can figure it out. – Ikshvaku Sep 14 at 16:07
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