Various Asura are mentioned as praying to Prahlāda often and so does Naranārāyaṇa Ṛṣi, after Prahlāda Daitya concedes defeat and decides to be friends with them/him. I just want to know if any of these prayers are actually stated (other than the stories themselves and Prahlāda's names).

Hopefully one like the prayer to the first human here: Where is the verse(s) about Sāvarṇi (a name of the first human) in the Ṛgveda (Rig Veda)? Who are Sāvarṇya and Saraṇyū?

Otherwise, can anyone list all Prahlāda's names, so you can make a DIY prayer, to show how a prayer to Prahlāda would sound/feel?

Here are the ones from scripture or short for stories in scripture I can think of: Prahlāda, Daitya, Daityendra, Viśvavallabha, Bhṛṅgivallabha, Balivallabha, Virocanavallabha, Virocanajanaka, Devivallabha, Devidhava, Devyasusama, Ditinandana, Ditiśāntakāra, Sahasrābhāvavijaya, Naranārāyaṇasakha, Mṛtyuñjaya, Viśvarūpa, Viṣṇusa, Rāmanāmasa, Śiva, Indra, Ajātaśatru, Viśvapriya, Śarabha, Vajrakavaca, Viśampa, Nāyaka, Devāsuranamaskṛta, Andhakamardana, Bhṛṅgisakha, Virocanājīvanatakāra, Virocanasakha, Viśvāntaka, Viśvāmiṣa, ...

  • Which scripture did you refer for these names? – Surya Dec 10 '20 at 12:37

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