It is mentioned in scriptures that one should not eat non-veg food during certain times such as Amavasya, Pournami, Sunday, Ekadasi etc.,

According to scriptures, is it applicable for menstruating women also?

I got this doubt because of the reason that women are generally not obliged to follow many routine/scriptural rituals during menstrual time.

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Yes, there is instruction in the Smritis that she should not eat meat during that period.

A menstruating woman remains impure for three days. 7 She should not apply collyrium on her eyes or oil on her body, or bathe in water; she should sleep on the floor and not sleep during the day; she should not touch the fire, make a rope, brush her teeth, eat meat, or look at the planets; she should not laugh, do any work, or run; and she should drink out of a large pot or from her cupped hands or a copper vessel. 8 For it is stated: ‘Indra, after he had killed the three-headed son of Tvastr ˚ , was seized by sin, and he regarded himself in this manner .........

Dharmasutras of Vashishta 5.6-8

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