Many scriptures in Sanathan dharma says about cyclic nature of time at many places.

Consider some of the excerpts

From Mahabharata

Hundreds and thousands of great-Kalpas, hundreds and thousands of Creation and Dissolutions, O king of kings, have been over and have become incidents of the past.

[Section 340, Mokshadharma Parva, Santi Parva, The Mahabharata]

From Yoga Vasistha

Sir, you have seen the many changes of the world, and have been experienced in all things in the repeated course of creations; must be best able to tell me the wonders that you have witnessed during the revolution of ages.

[27, Chapter 21: Explanation of the cause of the crow’s longevity, Nirvana Prakarana, Yoga Vasistha]

Is there any similar mentioning in Valmiki Ramayana that imply the cyclic nature of time in terms of creation and dissolution?


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