Till now, I thought that Radha generally live in Barsana and she never live in Dwaraka.

But, the following statements clarify that Radha lived in Dwaraka also.

After thus performing a rasa dance at Siddhashrama, Lord Krishna took the gopis and queens to Dvaraka. There He built many great palaces for Shri Radha.

[42-43, 18, 6, Garga Samhita]

And Narada tells about Radha palace also

Shri Narada said: The size of Dvaraka is 800 miles. The path around it is 3,200 miles. In the center of Dvaraka is a fortress 96 miles in size. Around that Lord Krishna had built a second fortress of 180 miles. O king, around that is a third fortress 400 miles in size and the place of with many jewel palaces. In the first fort Lord Krishna has 900,000 wonderful palaces. O king, at the entrance to Shri Radha's palace, is Lila-sarovara lake, which was brought from Goloka, and which is the best of all holy places.

[1-5, 19, 6, Garga Samhita]

Are there any other scriptural references stating the same fact that Radha lived in Dwaraka?

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