What does Parashara Smriti tell about untouchability?

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Like all other Smritis, the Parashara Smriti also is of the opinion that some human beings and some other beings are impure to touch.

Take a look at the following verse from the 6th chapter for example:

  1. On seeing a Chandala, let him look at the sun without a moment's delay. For touching a Chandala, let him bathe with his clothing on.

Some more references are as follows:

  1. A tree on a burning-ground, a funeral pile, pus, a Chandala, and a seller of the Soma plant ; having touched any of these, — a Brahman should plunge into water with his clothing on. (Chapter 12)

  1. While a Brahman has not washed himself after taking his meals, if he chances to be touched by another yet unwashed after a meal, or by a dog, or by a Shoodra, he should fast for a single night, and then swallow the five articles derived from a cow, whereby purity is restored to- him.

  2. If himself unwashed, he is touched by a Shoodra, who, however, is not unwashed, — the purification is to wash himself. If an unwashed Shoodra touches an unwashed regenerate man, the latter must perform the prajapatya penance. (Chapter 7)

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