We know that our ancient sages like Vishwamitra, Vashista..etc have enormous sage/spiritual/tapas power that can be used to create their own worlds, give curses and boons etc. Now my question is:

1.How is this sage power related to chakras and kundalini? 2.Do the sages increase their kundalini by meditating to the gods? 3.Can one get spiritual powers like the sages and rishis by using their kundalini? 4.How is kundalini used by sages when meditating? 5.Is Kundalini and tapas power the same thing by which sages get their miraculous powers like non aging, higher knowledge..etc?

PS: Please try to answer at least one of the questions above with references to the sources you're using and using the excerpts from scriptures like itihasas and puranas is highly welcomed. If anyone of the above question is already asked, please provide me the link to that answers.

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    Welcome to Hinduism! This post as it stands, contains too many questions. Some of those might have answers already in this site. Consider going through the tag kundalini. If you find answers to some questions, you may edit this question to make it more specific. Also consider going through the tour and earn a badge, and How to Ask. – Severus Snape Oct 27 '20 at 6:04

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