मङ्गल means auspicious but Mangal is considered as papa graha in astrology. Why is that, does anybody know the explanation?

  • Papa does not mean sinner in astrology, rather an intense planet. By your logic, even Sun is malefic in astrology, yet Hindus worship Sun everyday and life is not possible on earth without Sun. Mars, Sun, Saturn are malefic because they are real world, daytime, hot masculine, work environment, energy draining planets while Moon, Jupiter and Venus are benefic because these are nighttime, home, cold feminine nourishing planets, while Mercury is neutral. – user21800 Nov 2 '20 at 5:10
  • Do not mess diffrent topics into one. Papa means evil in sanskrit and Surya considered as krura graha but not papa. The fact that Hindus worship the Surya every day has nothing to do with the topic – Varun Nov 7 '20 at 18:44

The whole concept of papa graha is misleading, it makes people think that if there is a papa graha it destroys the native. But it is not like that. Every planet can be problematic if it does not get a proper place in chart.

Mangal Although a papa Graha, its effects on ones life depends on its postion in the chart. Mangal gives marriage, 'sobhagya' etc. If its correctly positioned in a chart it benifits the Native.

Mangal shows Husband in specific, if placed wrongly it might make the women widow or may show signs of divorce etc. Mangal placed correctly does not affects things and might give a very good husband. It also gives property, land, confidence, rights, leadership etc. Remember it depends highly on position in chart as well as other aspects.

It has the ability to give auspiciouslity as well as take it away. So we call many things with a 'mangal' in them like 'Mangal krya', 'magalmay', 'magalsutra' etc.

Note: I am answering from a personal point of view. Someone else might give a diffrent opinion or if possible a reference from some text.

  • Definitly result of a graha depens on houses it owns and on position graha has and that's true for any graha, but that again do not cover why Mangal is auspicious? – Varun Nov 7 '20 at 18:52
  • "It has the ability to give auspiciouslity as well as take it away. So we call many things with a 'mangal' in them like 'Mangal krya', 'magalmay', 'magalsutra' etc." I dont know what more would reason the auspicious nature of Mars, Astrology is an empirical study, we cannot state why a planet is giving such results. As far as its concerned, we can find a reference where its written that Mars is called auspicious. – Proxy Nov 8 '20 at 5:10

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