Jayadratha has a key role at two different timings in Mahabharata: the abduction of Draupadi, death of Abhimanyu.

Did he attend Draupadi swayamvar? If yes, then did he participate in the competition?

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Yes, Jayadratha attended Draupadi swayamvar:

Bhagiratha, Vrihatkshatra, Jayadratha the son of Sindhu, Vrihadratha, Valhika, the mighty charioteer Srutayu, Uluka, Kaitava, Chitrangada and Suvangada, the highly intelligent Vatsaraja, the king of Kosala, Sisupala and the powerful Jarasandha, these and many other great kings--all Kshatriyas celebrated throughout the world--have come, O blessed one, for thee. ~ Mahaabhaarata: Aadi Parva: Swayamvara Parva

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