While chanting Devishukta of Rigveda (10.125) in recently passed Navaratri time, I came to know about daughter of Ṛṣi Aṃbhṛṇa​, named Vāk (also known as Vāk + Aṃbhṛṇa​ = Vāgāṃbhṛṇi). It is said that she sung this sukta in the exalted state of realizing identity with Devi. Similar thing is mentioned in this answer by SwiftPushkar.

You can read Devisukta in Sanskrit from here and English translation from here, quoting some initial portion from there:

Devi Sooktam: (Part of Rig Veda 10.8.125- a.k.a. - Rig Vediya Devi Sooktam)


This is supposed to be the Sukta that is liked most by Devi and hence, it is chanted by thousands of wise men everyday.

This has been writtn by a woman sage by name Vaak, who is the daughter of Sage Ambrunar. The Woman Sage had reached the stage of identifying herself with Devi through her Saadhana - she sings this Suktam in such exalted state

Verse I:

Om ! I move along with the Rudras, Vasus, Adithas and all other Devas. I bear the Mithra, Varuna, Indra, Agni and the two Ashwini Devas.

I want to know the story of this Rishika Vāgāṃbhṛṇi, if description available e.g important part/event of her life or description of how she performed Sadhana. Is this story described in any of Puranas or described by Acharyas in their commentary?



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