How can one realize he has attained "MOKSHA" After becoming free several times, one can remember the accumulated experiences of hardships, depriving oneself of pleasure, abstinence through which one becomes free. if he does not attain, achieve anything that is the meaning of "Dharma"[HINDUISM}?. After going through several grievous and painful experiences wilfully what one achieves as a final release from material aspirations and ambitions, his mind conditioned, can that attainment be called "MOKSHA" in that state of life he is free from desire and does not want to die and to be reborn again. what one will gain if one goes to another planet with the same human genome?

  • Moksha is a state obtained through Yoga/union with consciousness/Self, hence its also called Self-realization. Just like a casual gamer plays a mobile game for enjoyment, without knowing its coding or programmer, similarly normal people and fauna use their bodies temporarily in ego and disappearing with death, without interest in its maker or purpose. – user22317 Nov 30 '20 at 9:08

From Talk 502, Talks with Ramana Maharshi, 16th August 1938

There is room for kama (desire) so long as there is an object apart from the subject (i.e., duality). There can be no desire if there is no object. The state of no-desire is moksha. Because of duality a desire arises for the acquisition of the object. That is the outgoing mind, which is the basis of duality and of desire. If one knows that Bliss is none other than the Self the mind becomes inward turned. If the Self is gained all the desires are fulfilled. That is the apta kamah atma kamah akamascha (fulfilment of desire) of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. That is moksha.


Moksha is the ultimate goal, not just of life but of all existence. When one attains moksha, one becomes free of the bondage of karma and never again takes birth in this material world, thus becoming completely free of the cycle of birth and death. One attains the spiritual realm of Lord Narayana, known as Vaikunta from which there is no coming back. One enjoys everlasting bliss there.

  • @ user15740-In the ultimate analysis. An old man is helpless as a newborn baby in a hospital bed. and doesn't know what will happen to his deposits and punyam after death. THE REFERENCE TO PRAMAN BRING US BACK TO REALITY. gods and holy scriptures keep us moving and motivated to work. only escape from such conditions are survivors.USER-37920 – user37920 Nov 29 '20 at 13:44
  • @user37920: After going through painful experiences in life a person may develop some form of psychological conditioning which will help him deal with such situations. However, this 'conditioning' itself is not moksha. In fact many people who have painful experiences visit a psychologist for counselling who helps them better cope with their situation. You can consider such a person enlightened if he knows the true nature of life but he has to also move in a direction which will give him permanent liberation. This is known as sadhana. For eg., there are methods like bhakti yoga,saranagati, etc. – user15740 Nov 29 '20 at 15:34

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