Does anyone know where in the Atharvana Veda we can find Uchiṣṭa Gaṇeśa/Gaṇapati suktam?


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Some say there were 7 shakhas (schools) in Atharvaveda, while Caraṇavyuha lists nine shakhas: paippalāda, stauda, mauda,  śaunakīya, jājala, jalada, brahmavada, devadarśa and cāraṇavaidyā. Out of it only two have survived, they are the paippalāda and śaunakīya.

Saunakīya consists of kandas. These contain a lot of mantras, suktas and even indrajals for many types of works. The kanda 11 sukta 7 consists of uchishta Brhama sukta which forms the foundation of ucchishta Ganpati upasana. It can be found here: http://vedicheritage.gov.in/samhitas/atharvaveda-samhitas/shaunaka-samhita/kanda-11-sukta-007/

ucchishta Ganpati is the tantric form of Ganpati and is infact one of the 32 forms of Ganapati. Ucchishta literally means "polluted by saliva" and represents 'leftovers'. The food which is contaminated by saliva. It is vamamarga, ucchishta Ganpati is shown in union with his shakti- "Hastipashachini" which is 'Tamasik' by nature. It is always better to do the upasana in guidance of a guru. There are many mantras and stotras of ucchishta Ganpati like ucchishta Ganpati kavacham etc.

The Bhava artha in hindi can be found here.

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