In the universe we are living in, there are many scientific facts.

Since science is always evolving and is particular to the time and place. There is no guarantee that the scientific facts will be valid forever. One can say that scientific facts are valid at particular time and/or at particular place.

Do any scriptures of Vedanta Sastra explicitly tell that any phenomenon is possible?

I mean do Vedanta Sastras tell that it is possible that a fact we are believing can be false and a contradiction that we believe can be true at some space at some time.

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    If you believe Krishna lifted Govardhana, it defies any known laws of 'science' - although to be fair, science doesn't yet deal with Prana Shakti. If you think about Ashta-Maha-Siddhi (being able to levitate is one of them), it defies the laws of 'gravity'. – mar Dec 11 '20 at 4:14

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