It is well-known that the body of Paramahamsa Yogananda, after his death, did not decay like any other dead body. And we can read it from here.

Are there any other instances from either history or scriptures similar to this?

  • Because of two statements in Rowe's letter, some have questioned whether the term "incorruptibility" is appropriate. First, in his fourth paragraph he wrote: "For protection of the public health, embalming is desirable if a dead body is to be exposed for several days to public view. Embalming of the body of Paramhansa Yogananda took place twenty-four hours after his demise." In the eleventh paragraph he wrote: "On the late morning of March 26th, we observed a very slight, a barely noticeable, change – the appearance on the tip of the nose of a brown spot, about one-fourth inch in diameter. – Wikash_ Jan 28 at 21:21
  • This small faint spot indicated that the process of desiccation (drying up) might finally be starting. No visible mold appeared however." So the wiki page shows some very questionable findings. – Wikash_ Jan 28 at 21:23

It is natural for the body to decay after the death. It is possible that if some Prana is left in the body after the (so called) death (which a yogi can do) the body will preserve some form of freshness (like glow and elasticity of the skin etc.) for sometime. However, this is not a good sign of mukti. Best way for a normal person or a yogi to leave the body is to completely leave the body by separating it from from subtle body (sukshma-sarir). Some Prana left in the body indicate that the process of death is somehow obstructed which is not good for Jiva to move it on its path further.

Prana is a part of the subtle body:

"The component parts of subtle bodies are (a) five organs of perception (Gyanendriya, ज्ञानेंद्रिय), (b) two inner organs viz. intellect (Buddhi, बुद्धि) & mind (Manas, मनस्), (c) five organs of action (Karmendriya, कर्मेंद्रिय), and (d) five organs of vital force (Prana, प्राण)."

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Sri Aurobindo’s Passing - AuroMaa auromaa.org/sri-aurobindos-passing

Even today I am fully convinced that Sri Aurobindo’s body has not decomposed. There is another reason for my strong conviction. I have seen the body of Saint Francis Xavier in Goa and I noted then that it had shrunk, due to loss of liquid it had a grey colour as in the case of Sri Aurobindo’s body, otherwise it was perfect.

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