Is there any truth in saying they are the same.Even though both stories are completely different? Monkey king was an important part of a Chinese folk story. He was a demi God and he was an immortal. This is the story Monkey King is based on a true story of a famous monk, Xuan Zang of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (602-664). ... He was, according to the story, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven and Earth. Being extremely intelligent, he has learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from an immortal Taoist master.

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    You need to elaborate more about "Monkey King" you mentioned, aslo state that from where you come across the story of this monkey king? – SwiftPushkar Dec 30 '20 at 5:25
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    Yes the origin of Monkey King is from Hanuman, just like the nowadays famous laughing Buddha is in reality a Chinese version of Kubera(also called goblin with gold in European folklore). China is good in copy-paste and even copied Vedic Vastu Shastra and repackaged as Feng Shui. – user22634 Dec 30 '20 at 8:29

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