I was told that in Yajurveda it is clearly written “NAASPTIMASTI” means don’t make idols. Still people do, why ?

And in Gita, they mentioned that make idols of god.

Can anyone tell me this?

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In Hinduism God is considered as both Sakara (with form) and Nirakara (without form). So, Saguna worship and Nirguna worship both are prescribed.

For example, this question quotes a verse from the Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad, which clarifies that God is Amurta (without a form/murti) and at the same time Murta (with a form).

dve vāva brahmaṇo rūpe, mūrtaṃ caivāmūrtaṃ ca

English Translation: God (Brahman) has two modes, formless (nirakara, asambhuta) as well as form (sakara, sambhuta).


Hinduism is a practical religion. Ultimate goal in it is achieving Moksha but that is not possible to achieve without some form of worship or Upasana being performed. Now, it is not possible either to adopt the Nirguna worship mode from the start by any spiritual aspirant. And, that's why scriptures recommend to begin the Sadhana by contemplating on God having features.

For example, the Kularnava Tantram specifically says that it's for the benefit of the aspirants only that the formless God has been assigned features.

UpAsakAnAm karyArthAm brahmano rupakalpnA.

For the benefits of the upAsaka the formless Brahman has been assigned a form.

You can read more similar verses quoted in this answer.

So, although it is mentioned in various scriptures (like in Kularnava and others) that Murti Puja is a lower form of worship it is not prohibited. Because it is a starting point that leads the aspirant to the higher forms of worship.

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