What does the scriptures say about Veda study on Pratipad (first thithi after Full moon or new moon; Padyami)? I heard we should not study. Are there any mentions of this restriction and reasons for it? Thank you.


There are some occasions and situations when Veda study is forbidden. Among them, as far as the forbidden Tithis are concerned, Purnima (full moon), Amavashya (new moon), 2 Chaturdashis and 2 Ashtamis of any month are mentioned as the ones in Manu.

4.113. Nor during a fog, nor while the sound of arrows is audible, nor during both the twilights, nor on the newmoon day, nor on the fourteenth and the eighth (days of each half-month), nor on the full-moon day.

4.114. The new-moon day destroys the teacher, the fourteenth (day) the pupil, the eighth and the full-moon days (destroy all remembrance of) the Veda; let him therefore avoid (reading on) those (days).

4.115. A Brahmana shall not recite (the Veda) during a dust-storm, nor while the sky is preternaturally red, nor while jackals howl, nor while the barking of dogs, the braying of donkeys, or the grunting of camels (is heard), nor while (he is seated) in a company

Prohibition regarding the Pratipad Tithi is not mentioned here.

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