I heard something like below

Hunger, thirst, increasing, decreasing, etc., are the dharmas of the body. Sad, happy, etc., are the dharmas of manas........................

I didn't remember the whole list of all aspects and their dharmas. Where can I find them?


Aren't truly defined as the Dharma of your physical body? Are the attachments of the physical body of you to the substances of the senses?

Hence the more attachment is developed for this body, the more these needs become imperatives. The more is instead developed the detachment, the more these can be controlled.

Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati detailly explains that it is possible inside deep Sadhana Dharana states to forget the thirst and the hunger. Kundalini Yog practices, Kriya Yog, certain Mudras, and Bandhanas, are the ways.

The necessity of a Guru comes as a layer to educate your body to go into this process. Contemporary main-stream do acknowledge SadhGuRu and Isha Foundation also for the teaching and explaining of similar practices. Then is difficult to do that with the mind focused on the daily life needs. It is a path and a very personal one.

Dharma is the embodiment of the four Purushartas. Those deals with Society and Family and Religious practices and the Laws of a society. Dharmicism as a model of structures of human societies for example.

The Mana is the Psyche substance or compound of substances. In Bhagavad Geeta, you get the how-to-deal with the Mana interferential substances. For the Anubhava is the real proximity to the real normality. For Turiya and all these states are that bliss which how in the reality we are composed to be.

The Purushas When we forget Pashu wills. Those Pashu instincts are into the ignorance Aavidya of when you are born and Jeevaaatma forget the Purusha realization of the past births. Because of the trauma of birth, all is forgot and the attachment cycle again begins.

Om Triambakam YajahMaahe
Sugandim Pussti- Vardhanam
Urvaarukyam iva Bandhanaan
Mrytyor -Mukshya maa [am] rtraat

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