There are some planets in Astrology that are believed to be natural malefic. I do not know the names and I believe that Rahu and Sani are natural malefics.

Is the concept of natural malefic planets true?

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    Brihat Parashara 3.11 says: तत्रार्कशनिभूपुत्राः क्षीणेन्दुराहुकेतवः। क्रूराः शेषग्रहा सौम्याः क्रूरः क्रूरयुतो बुधः॥११॥ - Surya, Shani, mangala, Chandra in krishna paksha (waning/ reducing moon), Rahu and Ketu are malefic. The rest are benefics except Budha which when in conjunction with a malefic is also a malefic. So yes the concept of natural malefic exists. Benefic = Guru, Shukra, Budha (except above) and Chandra in Shukla Paksha. I don’t have more knowledge but, Swapnil will be able to give a better answer.
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Sun, Mars, Saturn are considered as natural malefics along with Rahu and Ketu.

The text Hora Ratnam talks about what the different authorities say on the topic:

  1. Qualities of Planets: Based on Hora Makaranda, malefic planets are Mars, the Sun, Saturn and the weak Moon. Mercury in the company of these planets will also be a malefic. Full Moon, Jupiter and Venus are benefics. If Mercury joins a benefic planet, he will be a benefic. Mercury is a malefic only when he is with one of the Sun, Mars and Saturn, but not when with the weak Moon.

Notes: The work quoted here does not however specifically bring Mercury in the category of independent benefics. It must be understood, Mercury if alone is” also a benefic. However his joining a weak Moon does not turn him into a malefic. Kalyana Varma clearly states this as under.

  1. As per Kalyana Varma: Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are benefics. Saturn, Mars ‘and the Sun are natural malefics. The weak Moon and Mercury in the company of, a malefic are malefics.

Bala Bhadra’ Clarifies: In case of calculations related to life-span, the Moon in the ascendant is treated to be weak from the 13th day of dark fortnight through the 2nd, day of bright fortnight (i.e. for a period of 5 days). Hence Yavanesvara treats the weak Moon as a malefic. ‘

Notes: According to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, ch. 43, sloka 11, the Moon though weak is never a malefic for purpose of life-span calculations. This is more authoritative a statement than that of Yavanas quoted by Bala Bhadra bright half through.the 5th day of dark lunar half, the Moon is Full (i.e. strong and is known as Poorna Chandra), and from the 6th day of dark lunar half through Amavasya (New Moon day and is known Ksheena Chandra), it is of feeble strength.

(b) Exception: When aspected by a benefic, the Moon is invariably strong.

(c) Malefic planets are the Sun, Mars, and Saturn. Benefic planets are Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. With a benefic, Mercury remains a benefic and in the company of a malefic (except with weak Moon as already pointed of it), he turns malefic.

  1. Sage Vasishta on Nodes: In respect of all undertakings, malefic planets are the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the weak Moon. Full Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are .benefic planets. .

So, apart from the ones I mentioned at the start, a weak moon is also regarded as a natural malefic by some authorities.

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