I've come across such instances, after which the person possessed by the God/Goddess goes into a trance like state and answers questions/grants boons, which sometimes come true.

This occurrence is common and I have seen videos of people and also know people who are regularly possessed by a God / Goddess. There are many videos on YouTube too. Can this happen? If yes, how does it work?

This sometimes happens during Navratri. In Marathi, it's called "Angat Devi" (Goddess in body). In some cases, the person is able to call the God / Goddess at will (several times a week).

This is a serious question, I really need to know. I can share videos on YouTube if needed.

I read the other related question on this topic and my query was not fully satisfied, so I request you to please keep my question open.

How are the boons coming true? How are they able to tell about past events accurately?

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    I think it is fake. I haven't come across any scriptures which mention this type of practise. Moreover, it is strange why would the deva/devi not come in another material body? – Wikash_ Jan 24 at 23:45
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    Nice Q. More than goddess herself, it could be one of the dakini or yogini or something. If it’s mata (goddess) then it’s fake. – Archit Jan 25 at 3:15
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    Ya seen it personally, no idea if some scripture describes it or not. To describe it: they loose their control over body, dance. Especially if the hairs are tied they will untie them. One specific instance I saw her to take camphor on fire and put it in mouth. – Proxy Jan 25 at 3:24
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    I dont know about will power, but this gets intiated by listing to puja, stotra and other chantings. And they really aren't in the state of giving boon and talking. It's like total loss of control. This is common in Certain proograms or rituals like jagran and gondhal which happen in Maharashtra which are conducted after marriage or something else. – Proxy Jan 25 at 3:37
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