In Lord Shiva's thousand names according to Shiva Maha Purana there is a name which is number (755) Vishnukandharapatana which translates to "the one who slashes Vishnu's head".

Here in Shiva Purana, Kotirudra Samhita, Chapter 35 Pg 1410 second line you’ll find Vishnukandharapatan.

So my question is when did that happen?

  • This seems to be from the fight b/w Shiva's incarnation Sharbha and Vishnu's incarnation Narsimha.. – YDS Jan 27 at 5:16
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    But for that another name is there Narsimha nipatanaha so I think if it was about that than the name Narsimha would have been used instead of vishnu. But as far as I know lord vishnu was beheaded only by maa mahamaya as an ant during the incarnation of hygriva avatar. Still let's wait if anyone knows about any other incident or not, if not than I think your answer will be the logical one. – Savdy Jan 27 at 6:09
  • Interesting, not heard of this incident; as YDS said the fight between Narasimha and Sharabha seems relatable. – Surya Jan 27 at 6:17
  • Nice Q +1, if you want to add the link to the question, here it is: Shiva Purana, Kotirudra Samhita, Chapter 35 Pg 1410 second line you’ll find Vishnukandharapatana. – Archit Jan 27 at 6:49
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    Thanks @Archit I will do that. 👍. – Savdy Jan 27 at 6:56

As No one was giving me any answers I had to search for myself and thankfully I think I got the answer but not the verses and so I am posting it here.:

The description of the daksha yagna story varies according to different Puranas.

The Vamana purana states that Fearing Lord Shankar's wrath, Lord Vishnu went to Hrishikesh and remained aloof for quite sometime.

The Vayu Purana mentions Yajneshwara, the personification of yajna (lord vishnu) took the form of an antelope and jumped towards the sky. Virabhadra captured it and decapitated him.


This is yagneshwara Episode is also mentioned in the Hari Vanśa(Mahabharata): and thus accounts for the formation of the constellation Mrigasíras; Yajna, with the head of a deer, being elevated to the planetary region, by Brahmá.

In the Linga Purana, Lord Vishnu is beheaded, and his head is blown by the wind into the fire.

The Kúrma Puráńa, after describing a contest in which both parties occasionally prevail, makes Brahmá interpose, and separate the combatants.

The Kásí Khanda of the Skánda Purana describes Vishńu as defeated, and at the mercy of Vírabhadra, who is prohibited by a voice from heaven from destroying his antagonist (lord vishnu).

There are also examples of lord sharabha beheading lord Narsima and the hyagriva avatar of lord vishnu where he gets beheaded and his head was replaced by a horse head.

Jai Hari-Hara. 🙏🙏🙏.

  • Interesting answer! So the answer for the incident is Daksha Yagya. The related Harivamsa chapter which you have mentioned you can refer here: mahabharata-resources.org/harivamsa/bhavishyaparva/… – Surya Mar 17 at 12:40
  • It's so hazy I can't tell read properly. The answer I have written you can check the source one it's there in the footnotes. Plus there was another fight which hsppend between rudra and nara narayana. I have already written I don't have the verses I have taken this summary from the Vishnu Puran footnotes. Click the source link u will get it there. – Savdy Mar 17 at 12:51
  • Yes, I referred the Vishnu Purana source which you had linked. I pasted the Harivamsha chapter link as well in case you or someone else would want to refer that; unfortunately it is not translated, but it still can be referred for the verses. – Surya Mar 17 at 12:55
  • Which vishnu puran source you are talking about.? Are you talking about your above link. It's really though to read the verses due to that format plus it's also not translated so many people who will be reading will not understand sanskrit. Yes if you can give any like kmg version or something that will be better I guess. But still that was awesome of you. 👍. – Savdy Mar 17 at 13:05
  • My bad I didn't read the page completely - I was talking about the source which you had linked, which is a link to the Vishnu Purana translation on sacred-texts.com, but the chapter you have linked is a translation of the Vayu Purana version of Daksha Yagya which the translator has given as an additional chapter. – Surya Mar 17 at 13:11

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