In Saraswati Tantra, I came across three things: The Kulukka (कुल्लुका), setu (सेतू) and Mahasetu. Although the tantra says that these are body parts of Japa, the tantra does not address much on what these really are. The Tantra does provide Kulukka of various mantras of many deities. For e.g. The Kulukka of All Taramantras is beej of Nila-sarswati.

Very few sites mention these mantra suggesting that it's not practiced today or practiced but kept secret.

1. What is setu, Mahasetu and Kulukka exactly, which tantra will provide more info on it?

2. Are these three similar to the beej, shakti and keelkam?

NOTE: Sarswati tantra is not about Godesses Sarswati. It presents the order in which the Matrika are taken up from one chakra to the next. The name sarswati is because she is the upward moving kudalini (The Urdhavamukhi Rupa of Kulkundlini)

  • Setu is Om generally. But different Vidyas might have different Setus. Similarly for Mahasetus. I will try to answer. – Rickross Jan 31 at 6:08
  • The word is Kulukka, adi is etc. – Rickross Jan 31 at 6:13
  • Sure. (yes its Kulukka, didn't realize it earlier) – Proxy Jan 31 at 6:47
  • @Rickross I found about setu, if you find something please post an answer. – Proxy Feb 6 at 4:00
  • 1
    You can find a lot about Setu and the others on internet. I already have books which have information about Setu, Mahasetu and Kulukka. Its just that I need to find time to compile those verses by consulting those books. – Rickross Feb 6 at 5:28

अथातः सम्प्रवक्ष्यामि तच्छुणुष्व॒ प्रियंवदे ! । यस्याज्ञानेन विफलं जपहोमादिक भवेत्‌ ॥ विप्राणां प्रणव: सेतु: क्षत्रियाणां तथेव च । वेश्यानाञ्च फडन्तोऽयं माया शूद्रस्य कथ्यते ।

-NilaSarawati tantra.

That is: O devi, listen to setu without which japa, homa etc are incomplete. The setu of Bhraman and Kashtriya is 'pranav' (om), vysha has a setu 'phat' and Shudra's setu is the Maya beej (hreem).

The tantra also suggests that japa of setu is done in Hridya kamal, along with other components of japa.


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