According to scriptures one should not take head bath(hair wash) on Sunday

One who forsakes on all Sundays, Woman oil bath, meat and drinks, Will never be sick nor sad nor poor. And would reach the land of sun after death.

Assume that a women is following the above and if Sunday is the day she has to take head bath(hair wash) for the reason of completing her menstruation cycle(i.e., on 4th day).

In this situation what a women has to follow?

  • It is talking about oil bath (abhayanga snana) and not head bath. The morning bath is compulsory for anyone.Prohibition is regarding oil bath only. – Rickross Jan 31 at 6:03
  • The Sanskrit verse says "Stri taila madhu mamsani..." taila refers to oil bath. – Rickross Jan 31 at 6:18
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    @Rickross Menstruating women are disallowed from taking daily bath. For brahmin women, they take a head bath on the 4th day after which they can intermingle with the family but cannot cook / worship. On the 5th day they take another head bath and no longer carry the taint. I will get back with the source but one of the Dharma sastras says that a menstruating woman who takes bath accumulates brahma hatya doSha. – hashable Jan 31 at 9:30
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    A simple head bath is not prohibited. What is prohibited is to take oil massage on Sundays. And, after oil massage one has to take bath because oil massage renders the body impure. So, the prohibition you're concerned about is only about having oil massage on Sundays.@satya – Rickross Feb 2 at 6:42
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    From this answer --- "A menstruating woman remains impure for three days. She should not apply collyrium on her eyes or oil on her body @satya – Rickross Feb 2 at 12:09

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