I am not a Brahmin, and I am not initiated either (is it called "diksha"?), meaning that I do not have the adhikara.

Hence, obviously, I cannot chant mantras, but is it okay for me to chant or sing the Tandava stotra? Note that I don't understand Sanskrit either.

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    Look my friend, varna is not decided through birth, it is your work and quality and the 3 gunas of nature deciding, which varna you are. You can do pujas but should be following the rules, chant mantras but at prescribed times and one should be clean while doing. – Rahul Feb 2 at 3:51
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    Anyone can sing it since it’s a stotra – Archit Feb 2 at 4:48
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    Uninitiated persons can read stotras and kavachas that don't have mantras like Om, Swaha etc in them. I tried to locate the book where I read this but could not find it in the first attempt. If I find the reference I will post an answer. – Rickross Feb 2 at 17:35
  • @Rickross Thank you. Is it okay if I do not understand it, because I do not know Sanskrit? – Rahul Feb 3 at 0:30
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    Yes its ok. You just have to recite it correctly. Knowing the meaning is also not that difficult. You can get it from here: hindupedia.com/en/Shiva_Thandava_stotram_by_Ravana @Durgacharan – Rickross Feb 3 at 6:16

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