Quoting Shastras from reputable sources:

"Manu Smriti says:

1.85. One set of duties (is prescribed) for men in the Krita age, different ones in the Treta and in the Dvapara, and (again) another (set) in the Kali, in a proportion as (those) ages decrease in length.

1.86. In the Krita age the chief (virtue) is declared to be (the performance of) austerities, in the Treta (divine) knowledge, in the Dvapara (the performance of) sacrifices, in the Kali liberality alone.

The Dharma for Krita is therefore performance of austerities (Tapas) which isn't possible without Indriya Nigraha and restraint in eating for a long period of time.

But the nature of Kali Yuga is such that beings of this age are dependent on food. They are also attracted towards sensual pleasures to a great extent. So, naturally it is not possible for them to follow the Dharma of Krita Yuga.

But since the men of the Kali Age are full of greed, lust, gluttony, they will on that account neglect sidhana and will fall into sin, and having drunk much wine for the sake of the pleasure of the senses, will become mad with intoxication, and bereft of all notion of right and wrong (61). Some will violate the wives of others, others will become rogues, and some, in the indiscriminating rage of lust, will go (whoever she be) with any woman (62). Over eating and drinking will disease many and deprive them of strength and sense. (Mahanirvana Tantra's Chapter 1 verses)"

QUESTION: Is this the reason why all around me is Adharmic? If I stop to be Dharmic will I stop to suffer then?


When Kali Yuga is in full flow, Adharma will indeed prevail. Out of the 4 feet of the Dharma-Bull only one viz: the Truth foot, is intact in Kali Yuga. But then again people are hardly truthful in this age. So, even the last leg is gone. Therefore, In Kali Yug, Dharma is almost non-existent.

Lord Sadashiva says in this regard:

In speaking of the customs of the different Ages, I have, O Gentle One! and out of love, O Parvati! truly recounted to Thee the signs of the dominance of the Kali Age (72). When the Kali Age is made manifest, piety is enfeebled and Truth alone remains; therefore should one be truthful (73). O Thou Virtuous One! know this for certain, that whatsoever man does with Truth that bears fruit (74). There is no Dharmma higher than Truth, there is no sin greater than falsehood; therefore should man seek protection under Truth with all his soul (75). Worship without Truth is useless, and so too without Truth is the Japa of Mantras and the performance of Tapas. It is in such cases just as if one sowed seed in salt earth (76).

Mahanirvana Tantram, Chapter 4.

Thus if you want to remain Dharmic amidst Adharma, then that's a tough ask. Because you will receive severe resistance as you are trying to swim against the tide.

But have a look at the following verses (from the same chapter) which give us hope:

The Kali Age cannot harm those who are purified by truth, who have conquered their passions and senses, who are open in their ways, without deceit, are compassionate and follow the Kaula doctrine (57). The Kali Age cannot harm those who are devoted to the services of their Guru, to the lotus of their mothers' feet, and to their own wives (58). The Kali Age cannot harm those who are vowed to and grounded in truth, adherents of the true Dharmma, and faithful to the performance of Kaulika rites and duties (59). The Kali Age cannot harm those who give to the truthful KaulikaYogi the elements of worship, which have been previously purified by Kaulika rites (60)

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