Karna insulted Draupadi by his words several times. One of the intensive insults happen during Draupadi vastrapaharanam.

I will give. O son of the Kuru race, the gods have ordained only one husband for one woman. This Draupadi, however, hath many husbands. Therefore, certain it is that she is an unchaste woman. To bring her, therefore, into this assembly attired though she be in one piece of cloth--even to uncover her is not at all an act that may cause surprise. Whatever wealth the Pandavas had--she herself and these Pandavas themselves,--have all been justly won by the son of Suvala. O Dussasana, this Vikarna speaking words of (apparent) wisdom is but a boy. Take off the robes of the Pandavas as also the attire of Draupadi.

[Section 67, Sisupala-badha Parva, Sabha Parva, The Mahabharata]

Are there any statements by Duryodhana that insult Draupadi? I am not asking for insulting gestures. I am only asking for insult by words.

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