If Kapila muni lived during Svayambhuva-manvantara, did he live approximately 426 Maha-yugas back?.

Reasons for this question:

Current Manu is 7/14. Swayambhu Manu is 1/14. Each Manu rules 71 Maha-yugas

So 71×6 = 426 Maha-yugas.

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    You forgot to take into account the period of "sandhya" and "sandhyaamsa" that precedes and procedes each of the manvantara – peace Feb 15 at 0:26
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    +27 magayugas as we have already crossed them. And are currently in 28th – Proxy Feb 15 at 2:33
  • Yes exactly, so was he living 453 Maha-yugas back?. Scriptures portray he lived during Satya-yug. I misunderstood that he lived during the current Maha-yuga's Satya yug. – ajsg Feb 15 at 5:04

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