A similar story goes for two different cities. Baijnath and Gokarna.

Which one is the correct one?

If both of them are true, did Ravana carry Shivlinga twice?

  • So it seems there’s a slight error in the Shiva Purana as regards the sequence of events. Some verses have been placed before others. The proper events are: Ravana tries to worship shiva and cuts is heads. Shiva reinstates his heads like a doctor (vaidya) and ravana requests him to stay there. He does so in the form of Vaidyanatha, Ravana goes happily home. Then It seems Narada comes to incite Ravana again and this chap goes to Kailash. Though not mentioned clearly, this is the time he comes back with a Shiva Linga which is installed at Gokarna. So V = where Shiva gave Ravana... – Archit Feb 17 at 10:29
  • ... unequalled strength and reinstated his heads like a doctor. And Gokarna is where the Atmalinga incident happened. It is mentioned in Shiva Purana, but not so clearly due to the order of verses being jumbled. – Archit Feb 17 at 10:30

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