"Rãma Nãma Satya Hai"

"राम नाम सत्य है"

i.e. The name of Ram is the truth, is commonly chanted by Hindus while carrying a dead body to be cremated.

What might be its scriptural origins? Is it a universal practice within all hindu cults? How prevalent is this practice, across various Samprãdayas (सम्प्रदाय) of Hinduism?


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शिवे शवे न सञ्चारो भवेत् प्रेतस्य कस्यचित् । अतस्तद्दाहपर्यन्तं रामनाम जपो वरम् ॥

Rudrayamal tantra

There should be no communication of any ghost soul in the dead body, that is why the name of Ram should be chanted till the fire is lit.

शवसाधनवेलायां रामनाम विवर्जयेत् ।।

Pretsadhna tantra

It is absolutely prohibited to take the name of Ram while doing Shav Saadhana (शव साधना).

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