Humanity, Service to the needy, and Humble ness are essential qualities in any living being who is born as a human being. My doubt about Hinduism is how it is helping the Hindus in developing above three quality es.

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My doubt about Hinduism is how it is helping the Hindus in developing above three qualities

Hindu scriptures repeatedly instruct all the human beings to have the qualities you have mentioned and much more.

For example see the following verses:

Manu Smriti 7.40. Through a want of modesty many kings have perished, together with their belongings; through modesty even hermits in the forest have gained kingdoms.

7.41. Through a want of humility Vena perished, likewise king Nahusha, Sudas, the son of Pigavana, Sumukha, and Nemi.

The above emphasize the fact that even Kings, who are all-powerful, will perish if they are lacking in humility what to say of ordinary men.

Service to the poor and needy is a duty for all householders. It's a degraded householder who doesn't help the needy and the poor.

The father, the mother, the preceptor, the wife, the children, the poor people, the dependants, the incomers and the guests, are spoken of as the Poshyas (i.e., those who should be supported . (29)

Kinsmen, relatives, those suffering from diseases, who have none to look after them, those who seek refuge, and others having no means, are also spoken of as the Poshyas (30)

To support the Poshyas, is the most excellent expedient for attaining to the celestial region. By oppressing them, one goes to hell. Therefore one should support them with care. (31)

One desiring for lordly powers, should make gifts unto the poor, the helpless and the learned. By making gifts unto unworthy persons, people are born dependant on another's fortune. (35)

Daksha Smriti; Chapter 2

So, the scriptures of Hinduism are full of such instructions. It now depends on us whether we are willing to follow them or not.

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    @Mr_Green I am not answering the title but a question found in the body viz: "My doubt about Hinduism is how it is helping the Hindus in developing above three qualities" -- I am showing how Hinduism (Hindu scriptures) is helping Hindus (those who follow Hindu scriptures) in developing the mentioned qualities.
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