The bhAgavata purANa is famous in the gauDIya and vallabhA traditions because of how it glorifies kRRiShNa in verses such as 1.3.28. Several other purANas also say that it is the foremost. The nimbArka tradition also worships kRRiShNa as supreme, so one might expect it to also use this purANa. As discussed in this question, rAmAnujAchArya probably never quoted from this purANa, and I have found that nimbArka and his disciple SrInivAsa never quoted from it either in their main work. I have searched for purANa quotations in their vedAntapArijAtasaurabha and vedAntakaustubha and found only quotations from the viShNu purANa , along with one from the padma purANa. See here.

This answer also discusses the views of different traditions on the bhAgavata purANa, but does not include nimbArka. I would like information on their view of this purANa. Page 250 of this book says of the nimbArka followers that "Their chief authority is the bhAgavatam". I remember reading another book that said nimbArka may have rejected the bhAgavata purANa for some reason, but I can't find the quote now. The siddhAnta pradIpikA is a nimbArka commentary on the bhAgavata purANa.

Why did nimbArka and SrInivAsa not quote from the bhAgavata purANa when both seem to affirm the supremacy of kRRiShNa? Did they consider viShNu purANa to be the foremost instead, like yAmunAchArya did?

  • Is this book published and available in any form? //The siddhAnta pradIpikA is a nimbArka commentary on the bhAgavata purANa.// Kindly provide details. Thanks. Sep 23 at 4:04

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