What are different kinds and methods of Śivaliṅga Abhiṣekam? Several priests and jyotiṣika (astrologers) recommend doing abhiṣekam with water (जल ), milk (दुग्ध ), bhasman (भस्मन्), sugarcane juice (इक्षुरस), attar (इत्र), honey, curd, etc.. sometimes all together in tandem and sometimes alone, depending upon the reasons for doing the abhiṣekam.

For example - One of them said, do a Rudra Abhiṣekam, with the sugarcane juice for mitigating problems related to sudden accidents and deaths.


  1. Where are these different rituals found in puranic or astrology based scriptures? What are the associated benefits ( as per relevant scriptures) for Abhiṣekam done with different liquids and/or offerings?
  2. Are any particular kind of liquids forbidden to be used for Abhiṣekam (like Kewra Water - केवड़ा जल ?) , just like certain flowers are forbidden?
  3. Are there any specific stories which might relate why only these certain products are more favoured for the Abhiṣekam.

For example :-

  • Story of Ketakí being cursed and thus not used.

  • the story of bilwa patra, etc..

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