Hiraṇyakaśipu via his guru, Śukrācārya, is said to have deployed Kṛityā to destroy Prahlāda. I have read that it's some kind of an ogress or an evil demoness.

What's a Kṛityā? Is it some Māraṇa tantra (मारण तंत्र ) or some other kind of forbidden ritual?

What are some other instances of it being deployed against others in the scriptures, besides Prahlāda? And if it's forbidden, why would a great sage like Śukrācārya would use it (if he was indeed the one who did it), against an innocent child?

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    From here --- "1) Kṛtyā (कृत्या).—(KṚTYAKĀ) I. A Rākṣasī who is born when the black arts as enunciated in the Atharvaveda are practised to annihilate enemies. Kṛtyā may appear in male form too. Some of the activities of Kṛtyā are given below." – Rickross Mar 17 at 7:00
  • Thanks @Rickross,. Also, that account from the Mahabharata though, Duryodhana carried to patala by Kṛityā . Never knew about that. Adds some new perspective maybe, to his character sketch. – peace Mar 17 at 7:12
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    Kritya is a performable karma. So it can mean anything like curse, violence etc. Its mostly associated with evil karmas. In Atharaveda the term may be found at kanda 10 sukta 1 krityaDushanm and kanda 5 sukta 31 krityaPariharnam – Proxy Mar 17 at 10:20
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    @Proxy interesting! – peace Mar 17 at 10:50

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