Is there an English translation of Parimala of Shri Appaya Diskhita available?

Please provide the link for the same.

More about this work (from here):

  1. Kalpataruparimala :

Bhagavadpada Adi Sri Sankaracharya wrote a classic commentary on the Brahmasutras of Badarayans. For this commentary or Bhashya of Sri Sankara, a great advaitic teacher, by name Sri Vachaspati Misra wrote another commentary called Bhamati. For this work Bhamati, another subsequent advaitic teacher by name Amalananda wrote an abstruse and difficult commentary called kalpataru. The kalpataru is an extremely difficult piece of work, which would require extensive scholarship to understand. For this work kalpataru, Sri Appayya Dikshita wrote an extensive and easily understandable detailed commentary called the Parimala.

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As far as I know, the parimala has not been translated to English.

The sanskrit book called Brahmasutra sankara bhashya edited by N. S. Anantakrishna Sastri and Vasudev Lakshman Sastri Panshikar by Nirnayasagar Press, Bombay, 1917 includes vAcaspati's bhAmatI, amalAnanda's kalpataru and appayya dIkshita's parimala. This is the comprehensive book. The sanskrit of the parimala text alone is available. There is commentary on the kalpatru called Abhogah Kalpataru Vyakhya by Lakṣmīnr̥siṃha and is also available in sanskrit.

Kindly note that amalaananda wrote books for both the subschools of advaita, bhamati and vivarna., called the vedanta kalpatru and sastra darpana, respectively.

If possible, you should read siddhanta lesha sangraha of appayya dikshitar. He integrates the philosophies of both bhamati and vivarna schools. This is available in English, as linked above.

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