It's gonna be a long question so please bear with me and read this question till the end.

Its kind of common (though unnecessary and absurd) to have arguments between different sects like Shaivas, Vaishnavas and Shaktas about who is supreme and all though they are one only but still I can understand their point of view but recently I have seen arguments between vaishnavas themselves in different public forums saying lord vishnu is greater than lord Krishna and vice versa which is strange and it's also same for maa Lakshmi, maa rukmani and maa radha.

I have grown up watching mythological tv serials like vishnupurana, jai shree krishna, repeat telecasts of ramayana, mahabharata, etc, and from childhood only I have always believed that lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of lord vishnu and maa rukmani is the avatar of maa Lakshmi. We believe that maa radha is a devotee of lord Krishna like other gopis. We also have this saying "Among all aradhika(devotees), devi radhika is the foremost (Shrestha) aradhika." Even lord Hanuman said that he saw mata sita in mata rukmani. In this question you can see that lord Krishna and Arjuna went to meet lord vishnu and in this question you can see nara, narayana, krishna, hari are 4 brothers and sons of dharmaraj (like lord rama, lakshmana, bharata and shatrugana) where nara took birth as arjuna, narayana took birth as krishna, hari went to vaikuntha and krishna went to goloka. So it became more complicated plus especially the gauriya Vaishnavism says that it's lord Krishna who is the avatari and source of lord vishnu and mata radha source of mata lakshmi and some say mata lakshmi's full avatar is maa radha. Purunas like vishnu purana say lord vishnu is the source of lord Krishna but Puranas like Brahma vaivarta purana says it's the other way around. And same for mata lakshmi, mata rukmani and mata radha. So it's so confusing.

Now I have 3 sources one is saying lord vishnu is the source of lord Krishna, other one is saying it's lord Krishna who is the supreme and another one is saying that they are all brothers and different gods only.

So my question is for both lord vishnu-lord krishna and maa lakshmu-maa rukmani-maa radha.

Who is really whose Avatar and why.?

I hope this question doesn't offend anyone in any way...

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    Vishnu = Krishna = Rama (as far as almost everyone except ISKCON is concerned). And that too only because of their intense Krishna-Guna Bhakti. One must not confuse a subjective devotion to be an intellectual dictat. They say Krishna is supreme because he displayed the qualities most attractive to bhaktas. It's like a chaste wife saying "Shyam, the husband, is the supreme. Even better than Shyam the father or Shyam the son" - even though all 3 refer to the same person.
    – mar
    Mar 21, 2021 at 4:01
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    All those are different names for same Paramatma.
    – mar
    Mar 21, 2021 at 4:09
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    Vishnu being an avatar of Krishna isn't just held by new groups such as ISKCON: nimbArka, vallabha and other gaudiyas also hold to it, and have done so for well over 500 years. @mar We need to stop writing as if advaita is the only hindu view.
    – user23131
    Mar 21, 2021 at 7:49
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    We need to stop quarelling among ourself. It's ok man, no-one is saying or writing Advaita as the only hindu view everyone knows that Dvaita is also the part of hinduism. And no-one is denying it. (Edit : I didn't noticed that it was addressed to someone still it's ok man.).\/.\/.
    – Savdy
    Mar 21, 2021 at 8:17
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