Do Vishnu Purana (or) bhagavatam tells about panchayata puja About five god worship which is given by adivata and Adi shankaracharya Padma purana tells about five god worship like that Vishnu Purana and bhagavatam(any one can tell according to shridhara Swany tika also) tell about five god worship

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While Vishnu Purana and Bhagavatam don't have any explicit referece for the panchayatana puja concept, it is found other Vaishnava Puranas.

Naradiya Purana III.65.44-47:-

यदा मध्ये यजेद्विष्णुं बाह्यादिषु विनायकम् ।। रविं शिवां शिवं चैव यदा मध्ये तु शङ्करम् ।। ६५-४४ ।। रविं गणेशमंबां च हरिं चाथ यदा शिवाम् ।। ईशं विघ्नार्कगोविंदान्मध्ये चेद्गणनायकम् ।। ६५-४५ ।। शिवं शिवां रविं विष्णुं रवौ मध्यगते पुनः ।। गणेषं विष्णुमंबां च शिवं चेति यथाक्रमम् ।। ६५-४६ ।। एवं नित्य समभ्यर्च्य देवपञ्चकमादृतः ।। ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त्ते ह्युत्थाय कृत्वाचा वश्यकं बुधः ।। ६५-४७ ।।

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Mahabharata speaks of only one Spirit Prevading this universe who takes forms of all 5 Deities of Panchayata Puja.

Know that this entire universe is under the control of one divine Being. The Veda that is in the soul regards the unity of various creatures. When a living creature realizes this unity in consequence of true knowledge, he is then said to attain to Brahman.(Mahabharata Santi Parva Section CCLXXX)

There is but one Brahman which is Truth’s self. It is from ignorance of that One, that god-heads have been conceived to be diverse. (Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva, Section 43)

The Supreme Spirit hath three condition, In the form of Brahma, he is the Creator, and in the form of Vishnu he is the Preserver, and in his form as Rudra, he is the Destroyer of the Universe.(Mahabharata Vana Parva Section CCLXX)

Narada said, ‘Thou art He who is the topic of the five foremost of scriptures (viz., those that appertain to the worship of Surya, of Sakti, of Ganesa, of Siva, and of Vishnu). (Mahabharata Santi Parva Section CCCXXXIX)

  • This verse is a wrong translation by KMG. Sanskrit verses of mahabharata shanti parva don't mention panchayatana or five gods. "Five foremost of scriptures" doesn't mean five gods. It means five systems mentioned in narayaniya i.e. vedas, samkhya, yoga, pancharatra, pashupata - sacred-texts.com/hin/m12/m12c049.htm
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