According to popular scripture views,
Brahmā ( ब्रह्मा ) is a post, much like the Manu, Indra, Sapta-Rishis, etc., although with a huge difference in terms of their lifetime span.
Again, by some popular accounts, Lord Hanumān is scheduled to be the next Brahmā and thus, the current Brahmā will get Moksha as per this QnA.

So, some questions in this context I got:

  1. Similar to the case of Brahmā, in some 'cheap' calendars and magazines, I long ago read, this kind of analogy for even Vishnu and Shiva., i.e.,

When 100 years of Brahmā completes and he merges into Vishnu and a new Brahmā is manifested, and thus, one day of Vishnu is over. In similar way, Vishnu too completes his 100 such years and then merges into Shiva, and thus completing one day of Shiva(or Rudra), when 100 years of Shiva finishes, the creation is involuted back (vilaya or dissolved) into a singularity void, which is projected back (srishti) into creation, again and again, in an eternal cycle. A brief allusion to this proposition is kind of made in this QnA maybe

So, what is the scriptural (any kind) source & validity of this proposition?

  1. If Lord Hanumān is supposed to be the next Brahmā, then Brahmā being the post ( pada ), his name will be Hanumān only, much like the name of our current Indra is Purandara. So does any other scripture mention any list of names of the Brahmās, of the past, the present and the future?
    Also, if the proposition in question no. 1 is scripturally valid, what about the, any kind of mention of the names of Vishnu and Shiva for the past, present and future, is that found too?

  1. Which scriptures portray Brahmā (ब्रह्मा) on a par level (or maybe even greater than) with Vishnu and Shiva, (at least in terms of lifespan) ? Like Shiva and Vishnu are centrally glorified as the Para-Brahman in the Shiva Purana and the Vishnu Purana, respectively.

  2. Are there any mention of units bigger than the Mahakalpa (100 years of Brahmā ) also called, para (पर) i.e., Two Para-ardhas ?

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    Making a little time scale comparison: Do you know how large is a mahakalpa- about 10^22 sec. Considering the scientific hypothesis of universe to last for 200 million years it is just be 10^18 sec. The thing that could extend it is the unobserved proton decay with possible upper bound at 10^36 sec!
    – Proxy
    Mar 22 at 17:27
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    Hanumanji being the next in position of creator Brahma doesn’t seem to have any scriptural reference. See my answer here. It says Brahman takes the form of the trinity for different purposes. So Brahmaji = to Mahadeva= Vishnu Bhagwan in terms of Brahman. Also Shiva Purāṇa says in every kalpa, Brahma Vishnu or Shiva take birth from each other changing order. This kalpa it was Vishnu- Brahma from navel-> Shiva from Brahmaji’s head. Brahma = creation aspect of Brahman. Not post like Indra. Hanumanji Brahma seems a misinterpretation of something
    – Archit
    Mar 22 at 19:16
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    @Proxy, yes, I'm aware of that, but it's quite interesting, as a unit as big.
    – peace
    Mar 23 at 2:11
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    @Archit, yes I'm aware of that concept found in Shiva Purana, but then, there's that tamasic-rajasic-saatvic purana concept from the padma purana too. In any case, I do personally consider Brahmã as the same Non different Trimurti God, it's just sometimes, when listens to (by mistake) these fantastic claims by ISCKON, etc., that maybe they have something to base their claims on, rather than pure conjecture and hypothesis
    – peace
    Mar 23 at 2:17
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    😂. The tamasik concept found in the Padma purana may (since found in Uttarakhanda considered interpolated by many) or may not be an interpolated. Veda Vyasa wouldn’t have written 18 Puranas if they were to be avoided. Assuming not interpolated. I’d like to interpret as: since Shiva has predominance of Tamo, all Puranas dedicated to him are called Tamo, similarly those that “should’ve” been dedicated to Brahma are Rajo. That’s it. The main essence of all Puranas is the same. In the answer, even in sattvik Puranas it says Brahman takes (i.e. takes 3 forms per kalpa no scope for newbies)
    – Archit
    Mar 23 at 6:11

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