In Shalya parva, Vaishampayana narrates how Balarama went to sacred thirthas. The story of Srucāvatī (Sruvavati) is narrated there. Her birth is exactly same as of Drona: pot born after Bharadwaja's retu fell, he stored in a pot. It is the same Apasara as well.

The vital seed of the regenerate and high-souled Rishi Bharadwaja fell, upon beholding the large-eyed Apsara Ghritachi as the latter was passing at one time. That foremost of ascetics thereupon held it in his hand. It was then kept in a cup made of the leaves of a tree. In that cup was born the girl Sruvavati.

So, twins were born and Drona had a sister whom normally not mentioned?

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Not necessarily.

Dronacharya got his name from the fact that Bharadwaja’s seed was kept in pot made of Drona patra .(The botanical name of this plant is Leucas cephalotes)

Two children are siblings because they share the same father,and they share the same mother(’s womb).

Srucavati was also borne of Bharadwaja’s seed,when he saw Ghritachi,but since she is not mentioned to have been in the same pot made of Drona patra,she can at best be considered as a half sister of Drona ,via Bharadwaja,and not a full sister,as the pot can be taken as the womb.

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