Similar to this question, which tries to discuss about the trajectory of Lord Vishnu's theological development and understanding, from the Vedic period to the Paurāṇika period. I'd like to get an understanding of Devī Lakshmī vis-a-vis her eternal consort, Lord Vishnu, starting from the Vedic Literature period to the Paurāṇika period and to the current times.

How much, has she been correlated or been mentioned (either explicitly or implicitly) to be Lord Vishnu's consort in the Vedic literature?

What spheres did Devī Lakshmī initially preside over in the Vedic Literature and which spheres, possibly belonging to some non-Vedic deities, were further added to her domain, thus, turning her into an over-arching Mother Goddess in the purāṇas ?

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    Well you have the Rigveda mentioning Lakshmi as Vishnu’s consort and bestower of wealth.
    – Adiyarkku
    Apr 4 at 5:19

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