I have generally known the Gaudiya Vaishnavism (Krishna rooted) based sects specifically applying the Gopi Chandan based tilaks on their body.

The other Vaishnavism sects might or might not limit with Gopi Chandan only, but as far as I have known, they'll apply the normal chandan (sandalwood) based tilaks too, besides the gopi-chandan variety too.

So, what's the difference between both kinds of chandans in terms of origin, significance and uses, as per the relevant religio-theological beliefs, and the stories found in the scriptures?

Moreover, why is Chandan (sandalwood) itself considered divine or sacred and mostly intrinsically related with Lord Vishnu or his manifestations, especially the White Chandan variety ? Example : Astrologers recommend using either the Tulasi beads rosary or the White Chandan rosary, to do japam-dhyanam for Lord Vishnu (or his avataras).

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