Lord jesus, pitamah bhisma (mahapurush), our freedom fighters, army officers, many leaders in the history, many warrior in the past war, ........ - had death by tremendous suffering. NOW, the IMPORTANT thing is what GOD promised about good & bad karma - JUDGEMENT DAY is the most important - Death is not the result of KARMA - God promise that I'll send u heaven for good karma & I'll send u in hell for bad karma (u may reborn as an animal/insect/.......horrible human life, hole life is intolerable suffering & curse). 'if we live, we live for the God, and if we die, we die for the God' - who gave me birth? I? u? God gave, who will take my life? I? U? God will - so we'll return back to Him and then He will judge our KARMA - Neither I nor u but God will give him reward. See one counter example - look at politician & other criminals - are they get horrible death? Most of the times no - but that is not end, that is why I tell u about judgement day. "Just as it is appointed for man to die once and after that face to judgement (either to heaven or to hell). Death is appointed, and you are no exception. You only die once, and death is not the end; it is your destiny's door." - Hebrews 9:27 (Bible). U know that like us animals are child of God - then why do u eat mutton? Let me try to clear your confusion/dilemma - Death is not the result of KARMA, Death/Birth is pre-written destiny. Consider the example of Thakur Ramakrishna - u know that he died by throat cancer & he had to suffer a lot of pain. Now u tell me was he a bad man? was it the result of his good karma? Do u heard about child death? Children are innocent, how they die? Recently I've heard a story in my locality - a child of age 3 was riding on the scooty with her elder sister of age 12. The little child just crushed by a truck. Now u tell me what bad karma that little child has done? Was it her reward for bad karma?


You may have done some terrible sin in your past birth where the balance Karma is negative. So now bear the misery!

The above spiritual indictment survives by pure faith. Believers do not hold that it is conveniently or dishonestly connected to an unverifiable cause as source of present sufferings. It accepts the will of the Supreme spirit.

Jesus never suffered. He asked God to forgive those that tried to inflict pain on him on the cross before resurrecting... even said that the Pilate and other tormentors do not know what they were doing. Bible Luke 23: 34

Bhishma never felt his destiny as a punishment He continued to have the fullest devotion to Krishna his tormenting agent despite his pain and chose to prolong duration of such torment on a bed of arrows as per his own free will. Mahabharata. Bhishma Parva

They chose to annul perceived bad Karma through suffering.

Such questions are often raised and one answer is in:

Karma, a modern view in Telugu / English subtitled

It is difficult to answer this question fully, especially regarding children.


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