I heard several times that according to Jyotish, moon is related to manas.

Which scripture talks about it? Did any scripture tell about the relation in detail?

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    We often hear about this and this is also an interesting subject to explore since a lot of things depend upon our mental state. Indeed a nice question.But are you interested in moons effect on our mind and mental state at the time of birth , the effect of which remains for entire life. Or it's day to day effect which changes according to phases? Apr 6 at 5:13
  • @SwiftPushkar Actually, about any type of relationship... The main intention is to know the name of scripture that deals in detail...
    – hanugm
    Apr 17 at 15:11

Ṛṣi Parāśāra in Bṛhat Parāśāra Hora Śāstra says,

The Sun is the soul of all. The Moon is the mind. Mars is one's strength. Mercury is speech-giver while Jupiter confers Knowledge and happiness. Venus governs semen (potency) while Saturn denotes grief. 3-12/13

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